URN catalog

URN Description Example (JSON with object data)
urn:opendata:articles Articles posted on the site or posts in the user's blog. urn:opendata:articles:domain.com
urn:opendata:users Users known to service %example.com% urn:opendata:users:example.com
urn:opendata:service-objects Objects that were created or edited in the service %example.com%. Changes sorted in descending order. At the end of the URN, the maximum number of objects in the selection is indicated. urn:opendata:service-objects:example.com:3
urn:opendata:%urn_name%:all A selection of objects of a given type (%urn_name%), sorted in descending order of creation/modification time. At the end, the maximum number of data in the sample is indicated (for example, ":100"). urn:opendata:comment:all:3